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With the superior modular system


Our LMHS eccentric screw pumps are used in environment engineering for conveying sludge, for the disposal and recycling of sludge in sewage treatment plants. They pump highly viscous sludges with a high percentage of solid matter or dry substance contents and gaseous sludges. They can also be used as speed-controlled dosing pumps. The main fields of application, besides sewage treatment plants and industrial wastewater plants, are the chemical industry as well as paper-conversion industry and the food and beverage industry.

The pump is just as well suited for use in fish processing, in the field of shipbuilding and for paint manufacturing as for pumping in the ceramic, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. In other words, the LMHS pump is the solution for everything that is difficult to pump. There are various combinations of materials available that are adapted to the intended use.



150 m³/h


240 m

Working Temperatures

-10° – 150° C

Maximal Pressures

24 bar

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